More Than Me
 Jesus’s words and actions provide us direction in how to love our neighbors. And when Jesus says ‘neighbors’ he doesn’t just mean the people who live next door or across the street. To Jesus, everyone is your neighbor; everyone around the entire world. Jesus asks us to love them all; even the neighbors who don’t like us, the neighbors who live and believe differently than us, and the neighbors whom we’ll never meet. Over the next four weeks, we’ll study and reflect on all of our neighbors, remembering Jesus’s command to, “Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself.”

Weekly Audio

My Neighbor Next Door
Isaiah 55:1-5
Hebrews 13: 1-2
John 15: 12-17
Hill Audio
Sam Wolff
Lake Audio
Kristen Capel
My Neighbor at War
Matthew 5: 38-48
Isaiah 2: 1-4
1 Corinthians 3: 10-23
Hill Audio
Sarah Clark
Lake Audio
Paul Harris
My Neighbor in Guatemala
Mark 1: 29-39
Psalms 147: 1-11
Isaiah 40: 21-31
Hill Audio
Lake Audio
Kristen Capel
My Neighbor in Tanzania
Mark 9: 2-9
2 Corinthians 4: 3-6
Psalms 50: 1-6
Hill Audio
Paul Harris
Lake Audio
Matt Brokl

*Note that due to a sound booth equipment installation process at both sites, sermons are not always recorded. This will be resolved as quickly as possible.