Busting Myths: Q & A with a Community Meal Go-er
Community Meals are in full swing. Easter Lutheran is now serving meals three times a week. Don’t be fooled into thinking these meals are only for those in need. One member, Randa Dufault, answers a few questions about her experiences with the Community Meals and Homework Help.

Why did you volunteer for Homework Help?
I have always wanted to volunteer with older kids and Homework Help was a great way to do that. It seemed like a great program and, in addition to going to 
church services, a way to add some positivity into my weekly routine.

Who do you help during Homework Help and why do these kids need help?
In spite of wanting to work with the older kids, I ended up assigned to the kindergarten-third grade room. It’s been a learning experience because the kids always have a lot of energy. The kids need help with their homework because their parents aren’t able to assist them at home.

Do you feel like you get more out of the experience than you expected?
Definitely! I’ve met more church members attending the meals then when I go to church. It’s gratifying to read with a kid and see their face as they learn a new word.

Why do you go to the community meals?
I go to the meals to get a good meal and meet new people. I also like the convenience that I don’t have to find time to cook dinner when I’m busy. The food is pretty good and it’s a different meal every night. I definitely would recommend that everyone attend at least one. I’ve met someone new every time. You see church go-ers, people in need, and community members at every meal.

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