Since You Asked
At some point in history people began falsely assuming that having questions about God was a sign of weak faith.  This fall, Easter Lutheran Church will be embracing questions inspired by faith, because having faith does not mean having all the answers!  Rather, faith is what gives us courage to ASK questions.  We collected your questions and created this ten-week sermon series from your biggest queries; about the Bible, other religions, stewardship, heaven, and more.  We invite you to join in the dialogue about these very sacred, very faithful questions.

Weekly Audio

Was Jonah really swallowed by a big fish?
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Are my non-Christian friends going to hell?
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What is a steward?
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Does God really need my money?
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How do you teach faith & morals without being judgemental?
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What does it mean to be Lutheran?
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Is Heaven real?
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Science & religion: Do they go together?
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What is a Sacrament? Hill Audio Lake Audio</>
How do I know God’s will for my life?
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