John no longer needs to be carried

Due to his disability, John Deo, 25, has been carried around by his mother his entire life.

After traveling 100km over land and lake from their remote village, John arrived at Neema Crafts (Tanzania), where he had heard that PET carts* might be available.

Fortunately, one remained for him to try after others had been distributed.

Because of John’s size and arm strength, it was clear that he would not be able to take a cart away after his first visit.

However, the technicians at Neema got to work on adjusting the cart for John.

Now, for the first time in his life, John was able to pedal himself off without needing someone to carry him.

*The PET Cart gets its name from Personal Energy Transportation. The PET is a 3-wheeled, hand-cranked, sturdily built wheel chair with hauling capacity; it will go where an ordinary wheel chair will not go, and it’s designed for the Third World where the roads and trails are bad and rough and the people need to haul things.

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