My name is Adam Pugh. In the summer of 2014, I went on a youth works mission trip to Lame Deer, Montana, which is on the Northern Cheyenne reservation.

One of the things we did in Montana was Kids Club. It is like an all-summer Vacation Bible School for the kids in the community we visited. I found out that kids loved getting underdogs from me because I am so tall. One of the days we were there a little girl came and sat down at one of the open swings. It took me a moment to recognize her. But I soon realized that it was Asia, the girl the YouthWorks staff had said was deaf and could not communicate very well.

So, not knowing if she wanted to be pushed or not and not knowing how to ask her I just kept pushing the other kids. Then one of the times she caught my attention and pointed at someone who had just been pushed. Cautiously, I went behind her and gave her a little push and I got a little hint of a smile in return. So I went back and gave her a full underdog, turned around, and saw her laughing and smiling while the swing soared through the air.

It wasn’t until later while I was reflecting on the day that I realized how God was in that moment.

It was in the way she communicated, it was in the underdog, and it was in her smile.

Because like Asia, God doesn’t just come right out and say what He needs to say, He does it with a little point and a smile and we are the ones that need to put it together to make the push.

So I would like to thank the congregation for all of your support and prayers to send so many of us on mission trips this year. It certainly makes a difference in the community, and in all of our personal growth toward God.