Located in St. Paul, the Lutheran Social Service Safe House provides overnight emergency shelter to single youth ages 16-20.  Advocates work one on one with youth to help them process their experiences, plan for the future, and access appropriate community resources.

Sadly, in mid-2014 someone broke into the Safe House. They used a hammer to try to break open the door, and when that didn’t work, they broke a kitchen window to get into the facility.

They caused a big mess, and took the TV and computer that the young people use to look for work and stay connected. They also took the vacuum cleaner.

You might think a TV and computer are non-essentials. BUT. Those two items keep the youth engaged together and doing productive things rather than out on the street. It was important for us to replace these items.

Through a non-designated tithing gift as a part of the 2013-2015 Capital Appeal, Easter Lutheran helped the Safe House to replace the the stolen TV and vacuum cleaner and to make repairs on the building.

Saavy shopping and a donated computer returned the Safe House to be a safe and clean place for conversation and togetherness.

The Safe House staff were also able to talk about the incident with the young people. They talked about the impact of the break-in, the kindness of strangers, and the kindness of community that made it possible for this bad thing to become a blessing of Grace.

Thank you, Easter Lutheran, sincerely and with deep gratitude from everyone at Safe House!

Learn more about the LSS Safe House at  lssmn.org/homelessyouthmetro

Did you know?

According to Wilder Research, young people unaccompanied by parents face multiple challenges:

  • More than half of youth said they have experienced physical or sexual abuse
  • 49% of youth said they suffer from mental health problems
  • 34% of youth said that neglect by parents played a role in their homelessness.
Someone used a hammer to try to break in