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Meet the 2018 Easter Ambassadors who traveled to Tanzania, and follow their experiences.
Read the Tanzania Trip Bog

Update from Our Partners in Katya

Katya is a preaching point of our partner congregation in Nyanzwa, Tanzania. This is a Maasai preaching point that warmly welcomed our ambassadors in 2018. The Maasai parishioners built their church walls using mud (with water they carried from 3 hours away—6 hour round trip) and then coated it with a plaster mix. When complete, Easter Lutheran sent $3,000 for the roofing materials and finishing supplies. Our partners are grateful! Now that they have a building, they can also petition the government for a teacher to start a school. Thank you for your support!

The 2018 Easter Ambassadors to Tanzania have written about their experiences in Tanzania in a deeper way than their on-the-trip blog was able to convey. Read about their transformational activities here!

Easter Lutheran has many close partnerships and is involved in many projects in Tanzania.  Some of the major projects are listed below.

  • Church Building –  Easter has funded roofs and helped buy cement for floors after local people have constructed the foundations and walls of church buildings as preaching points expand into larger congregations.  Similar assistance is given to complete construction of homes for evangelists.
  • Water: Wells and pipelines –  Fetching water can be an all-day activity, usually for young girls and women. Easter has helped dig wells and construct pipelines to make this task less daunting.
  • Radio Furaha –  This radio station broadcasts 24/7 and reaches about 400,000 people.  Easter has been involved in this project from the very beginning. The station is now self-supporting for operating expenses and is able to expand to reach more people.
  • Scholarships – Easter has provided many scholarships to allow students to attend schools, from primary grades through college. We also provide scholarships for theology students interested in becoming pastors.  Meet some of the Scholarship Students
  • Microfinance – provides loans and training in economics, investments, and small business start-ups.
  • PET Carts – Personal Energy Transportation carts allow disabled people to get around on their own.  Volunteer locally to build PET Carts.

Get Involved

One of the projects funded during the 2014-15 global mission initiative was to roof an evangelist house in Mgowelo. It was recently completed, shown by the photo below.
Children dancing and singing to welcome Easter group to Nyanzwa