Interested in finding a Life Group

What is a Life Group?

Typically under 12 people, a Life Group is a small group of people who gather on a regular basis for the purpose of fostering friendships within the Christian community. We have over 25 Life Groups active at Easter with new ones forming throughout the year. Many groups begin around a particular life stage, but all our groups are encouraged to be engaged in God's Word, fellowship, service and prayer. We believe by participating in these activities you will grow deeper together and closer to God.
Interested in finding a Life Group

Life Groups at Easter

  • A Life Group is a small group of 4-12 people who regularly gather, learn, and serve together. You’re invited to connect with others in similar life stages. Most Life Groups meet monthly.
  • Easter has 30 active Life Groups, involving over 250 people.
  • We have 9 women’s groups, 8 couples groups, 9 family groups,and a few groups meeting around shared interests.
  • All these groups meet at different times determined by the group; each functions a little differently.
  • We create groups as requested, but you can create your own too!
  • Grab a few friends, decide on a time and place to meet on a regular basis, then let us know!
  • We’ll help you get started with a plan and some resources.
  • You do NOT need to be a member of Easter to participate in a Life Group

What to Expect

  • Can meet in public place or member home
  • Dates and times determined by each group
  • Being in a Life Group helps build deeper connections, helps grow the Easter community, and cultivates your faith
  • A Life Group is managed by the people within it with support from the Life Group Ministry Team

A Deep Life

One Tuesday evening a month, my Life Group gets together. We chat about our lives and what’s been going on lately. Sometimes we share a devotion or discuss where we’ve seen God lately. We eat good food, we laugh, we encourage one another. About halfway through our time together, we share highs and lows, take prayer requests and pray together. This is non-negotiable. It seals the night. It is good to know we have each other. Every now and then, someone from the group will email a prayer request between our gatherings. Some will send text messages of support after learning something difficult.  We check in with each other at church. This is a Life Group. This is being the church for one another.