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About Spiritual Direction

In our culture, the term “spiritual direction” can be misleading. Spiritual directors do not tell others what to do or “direct” their lives, but rather provide a safe, confidential space in which to explore spiritual issues (examples below). The real director in spiritual direction is the Holy Spirit. Because of this, many people today prefer the terms “spiritual companioning” or “soul friendship.”

Why talk with a Spiritual Director?

  • Want deeper relationship with God
  • Facing important decision or transition
  • Want to be aware of God’s presence in my daily life (integrating spiritual side with family, work, service, etc)
  • Hurt by a religious institution and struggling to find the love of God
  • Studying theology and don’t want it to just be a “head trip”
  • My prayer life is boring/dry/dead/confusing and needs enrichment

What to Expect

  • It can be a brief discussion, a few sessions, or a regular, on-going practice (once a month)
  • Fees vary (often a sliding scale)
  • There are many options in the Twin Cities; the one you choose should be someone you trust and who will encourage you in appropriate ways
  • Difference between seeing a Pastor and seeing a Spiritual Director:  Pastors often help address a one-time concern through pastoral counseling.  Spiritual Directors are more of an on-going spiritual companion.
  • Learn more at the Spiritual Directors International – sdiworld.org/seekers

Who Are the Spiritual Directors?

Julie McCarty

Julie McCarty

Julie McCarty, Spiritual Director
juliemccarty@usfamily.net or 651-686-5871
Julie believes spiritual direction is primarily about attentive, sacred listening—both to the person who speaks outwardly in spiritual direction, and to the Holy Spirit who prompts us from within. Spiritual Direction provides a safe, confidential place in which to explore the movements of the Spirit.  Julie is passionate about learning different ways to pray, creativity, and finding God’s active presence in your everyday life experience.  Julie offers a sliding fee scale and free initial consulation. With degrees in Christian theology and education, Julie is also a published writer who blogs at spiritualdrawingboard.com and can be contacted at 651-686-5871.

Sam Rahberg

Sam Rahberg

Sam Rahberg, Spiritual Director
srahberg@stpaulsmonastery.org or 651-777-7251
Sam Rahberg is the director of the Benedictine Retreat Center and a trained spiritual director.  His approach to spiritual direction is rooted in biblical discipleship. He holds a master’s degree in theology and has special interests in working with those who are new to spiritual practices, engaged in discernment, or trying to live more faithfully. Call Sam at 651-777-7251 for a free initial consultation.  Check out his website at samuelrahberg.com