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God is Calling Easter

God is calling Easter to have an impact in the community and around the world. On this page, we offer stories. Stories of lives transformed. Stories of lives impacted. Whether it be the recipient or the giver, the mentor or the student. God is calling Easter, and Easter is responding. Do you have a story to share? Let us know!
Nominate a Story of Impact
Silent Suffering
Homework Help’s High School Program
Noticing a gap in support, the leaders of Homework Help stepped up and created a program for High School students so that they would not lose momentum just when they needed the extra support. Read more Read more

Outreach 2019: TreeHouse

Outreach 2019: Community Meals

Outreach 2019: Homework Help
Silent Suffering

Silent Suffering: The Face of Hunger
Odds are good that when you think about hunger, you envision an urban setting or the worn faces of the 1930s. That’s not the face of hunger today. Read more


Fresh Food and Community Meals
An Eagle Scout project blossomed into gardens that will feed hundreds of people through the Community Meals. Read more

Soccer Kids

Ah Ha Moment!
Matt took some soccer balls to Tanzania. What transpired were relationships. Read more

Homework Help

Homework Help
Randa says she’s met more church members by attending the Community Meals and participating in Homework Help than when she just goes to worship.   Read more

The Gift of Mobility
Due to his disability, John Deo, 25, has been carried around by his mother his entire life. Then he received an Easter-donated PET Cart (Personal Energy Transportation).  Read more
Spreading God’s Love Through Piggybacks
Sara went on the 2014 Mission Trip to Lame Deer, Montana. She began working with a young boy named Kevin, and the trip was not the same after that first encounter.  Read more
Adam Pugh
A Little Point and a Smile
God doesn’t just come right out and say what He needs to say, He does it with a little point and a smile.  Read more 
Safe House Break-in

LSS Safe House Break-in
A break-in leaves people feeling violated and mistrustful.  A well-timed gift from Easter helped homeless young people experience the kindness of strangers.   Read more

Dale Turnham
Tutoring First Graders
Dale discovered that he has skills working with young children and you’re never too old to master new situations.  Read more 
Karen Raasch
The Holiday Gift Shop
Karen Raasch has tirelessly worked to make sure children have at least one gift for Christmas.  Hugs and tears have been shared as the guests receive their gifts and share their own stories.  Read more
Robin Kieffer
Easter’s CATCH House
CATCH provides housing to people through six different apartments or townhouses in the metro area. Easter sponsors and maintains one of these housing units.  Read more
One Roll of Toilet Paper
Imagine sharing one roll of toilet paper per month with your family. Seem impossible? It’s reality for the families served by The Open Door.  Olivia decided to do something about it.  Read more
Ryan Knipping
Mission Trip Transformation
Ryan was on the fence about going on a mission trip.  But once he went, he says, “It was amazing to see how much fun you could have in a week.”   Read more 

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