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The Job Transitions Group is open to anyone looking for a job, looking to increase their networking skills, or exploring career choices.  You do not need to be a member of Easter Lutheran, and while we often open with a prayer, this is not a religion-affiliated group.  Bring a friend!

  • 7:15-7:30 a.m. is check-in
  • 7:30-8 a.m. is welcome, prayer, celebration and announcements time
  • 8-9 a.m. is the weekly speaker or breakout sessions
  • 9 a.m. onward people often stay to visit and network

Upcoming Topics

April 16: Networking Checklist by Bill Andersen. Are you an introvert who hates the idea of networking meetings?  Maybe you just don’t know what to talk about if you do have one?  Bill is a self-described introvert who has the exact tool you need to make the most out of your networking meetings.  It will help take the fear out of setting up those “hot beverage get togethers” (don’t call them networking meetings!).

April 23: How to Prosper During The Job Search by Terry Moore. Terry Moore is an attorney with Hellmuth and Johnson, and author of the book Big Force Negotiation.  He will use his years of experience with high stakes business situations to address issues in the job search with wit, humor and strength.

April 30: The Importance of Work Ethic by Michael Kiefer. Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer is back with a new topic!  The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) conducts worker surveys of the state workforce and consistently at the top of the training needs list is “work ethic.” Other nationwide surveys have been conducted with the same results. All organizations struggle with: poor attendance, negative attitudes, entitlement mentality, time theft, poor meeting attendance, dress code issues, e-mail etiquette, internet abuse, texting, basic organizational respect, social media problems, etc.? This session covers over twenty common workplace abuses and unethical behaviors and discusses how you can stand out in an interview and easily get promoted. Numerous case studies and eye opening stories illustrate the ethical principles presented. Learn how to overcome common ethical errors that hold most people back!

May 7: How to Get Recruiters to Fall for You, by Catherine Byers Brett. Come learn the secrets to working with recruiters, and how to stand out so they work for YOU!

May 14: Embracing the Gig Economy, by Tim Voit. With the rapid flexibility of our changing working economy, having “gigs”, side jobs, or a consulting practice isn’t just helpful, it can be exciting and stimulate your professional growth. Join us as Tim Voit a Small Business Specialist for LegalShield talks about having “multiple streams of income” shares his stories and lessons learned about how to embrace this non-traditional way of working.

May 21: Exploring Options Beyond COBRA, by Carole Elfstrum. Carole is the owner of Elfstrum Consulting, and she will share information with us about the variety of health insurance options for people in transition.  You may be surprised by what you don’t know!

May 28: Layoffs, Laughs, and Lessons, by Lisa Evanson. This will be an hour of what can only be described as comedy routine meets motivational speech meets workshop. When 26-year-old Lisa was unexpectedly laid off from her dream job, she found herself cathartically venting about it on stage the very next night. She thought the silver lining would end there. However, God works in wonderful ways, and her journey has yielded revelations about how her experiences can benefit those who need it most — Gen X and Baby Boomers who are lost, hurt, and confused due to unemployment and in need of a little help — and perhaps a laugh or two.  Lisa Evanson is a Twin Cities native, having grown up in Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center and is a University of Minnesota alumna. Her post-grad life has consisted of startups, big corporations, advertising agencies, stand-up comedy, and most importantly, finding Christ (as well as Trader Joe’s).



“”Unbelievable! After 15 months and 29 failed interviews, I was out of options. Your advice changed everything! I ended up with multiple offers and a great new job in just 6 weeks.”
“I was VERY VERY down last Monday and Tuesday.  But I dragged myself out of bed and to the meeting Tuesday AM.  As usual, the meeting motivated me, so I pulled out of the funk in time to nail the interview on Wednesday!””
“I got more out of (this event) than I did out of 16 hrs of training with an outplacement firm!”
Vicky E.

About Catherine Byers Breet

Catherine Byers Breet

Catherine Byers Breet

ARBEZ ( and its founder, Catherine Byers Breet, have been faithful sponsors and a driving force behind the Easter groups’ formation and success. Their expertise in the world of career strategy and transition lend an ongoing level of guidance and contribution that ensures the group delivers accurate, relevant and actionable career and job search information. You can meet their pet zebra, and access a number of tools to support you in your journey at Check out their online job hunt coaching system, upcoming live events and consulting services. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to hear about upcoming events around town.