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Job Transitions Group Networking

When & Where

Who & What

The Job Transitions Group is open to anyone looking for a job, looking to increase their networking skills, or exploring career choices.  You do not need to be a member of Easter Lutheran, and while we often open with a prayer, this is not a religion-affiliated group.  Bring a friend!

  • 7:15-7:30 a.m. is check-in
  • 7:30-8 a.m. is welcome, prayer, celebration and announcements time
  • 8-9 a.m. is the weekly speaker or breakout sessions
  • 9 a.m. onward people often stay to visit and network

Upcoming Topics

August 22: “Non-Profits” by Kris Albright. Curious about working in the non-profit world? Kris, a former Job Transitions Group member, moved from the private sector to The Open Door when it was new, starting as a volunteer, and moving up and up!  She has a great story to tell!

August 29: “Self Care in Troubled Times” by Kalli Matsuhashi. Kalli, who is the owner of New Family Beginnings will share with the group ideas for addressing the stress that comes during periods of career transition – from the basics of taking care of one’s physical self to taking care of one’s emotions and ability to focus. Kalli will also discuss the impact of transitions on family relationships, and will present ideas for managing these more successfully as well. Learn more about Kalli’s work at

September 5: “Getting Hired Over 50” by Nancy Burke. A job search for those of us over 50 takes a different approach. You are out of work. You’re looking, but for what? If the answer to that isn’t clear, and the search feels difficult and challenging, you are not alone. More mature workers face different challenges in finding the next successful step in their work. But we also have many advantages which are sometimes hard to see. We ask:

“Do I want to stay in this career? And if not, what now?”
“How do I compete with younger, cheaper candidates?”
“How do I find the right job, not just any job?”
“How do I get back on the horse, and keep from getting discouraged?”

It’s easy to get discouraged. A sense of clarity and purpose is hard to define, and even harder to maintain. We can help. We have the tools, the experience, the success, the creativity and the support system to guide you to that great path.  

JTG On The Road, Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 6:30 p.m.
Meet at Dunn Bros Coffee, 1012 Diffley Road, Eagan (map)
We’re taking our show on the road! This will be a fun monthly event, where (I hope and plan!) the employers will come to us!!  Come for a free iced tea or cup of coffee and meet others in the job search as well as employers looking for people like you! Bring your resume, business cards and your A game!

September 12: “Want a great new job? Be more likeable!” presented by Howie Milstein and Catharine Byers Breet. Great news! You can stop worrying so much about having the “perfect skills” and take advantage of the first 385 seconds of an encounter with someone new. Yup. A recent study showed that managers make a decision about whether or not they want to hire someone in just 385 seconds. That’s just long enough to say hello, walk down the hall and talk about the weather. Join us for a raucous good time learning how to sharpen your likeability … and be the one they’re dying to hire.

About the speakers:
You are in for a treat! Howie Milstein has been driving people crazy since 1959. He’s been teaching people to let their mojo out since the 1980s. Howie was the Twin Cities’ first personal trainer who then led a highly successful career in sales and leadership positions in the medical device industry. He is the CEO/Provocateur with the Institute to Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously, and Founder of Launchpad Career Coaching ( Howie brings real-word, proven strategies for success along with a raw and raucous sense of humor that will both enlighten and inspire you. …

His name was Bob, and he was PERFECT for the job, but he didn’t get it. His recruiter, Catherine Byers Breet, was absolutely stunned … until she spoke heard this from the hiring manager: “He was rude to the receptionist, barely made any eye contact with me and then grilled me with questions before I could take my first sip of water. I just don’t see him getting along with any of us very well here.” Bob lost the job the minute he walked in the door. Since that day, Catherine ( has been obsessed with helping candidates master the art of first impressions. Let her help you do the same! You got the interview because of your skills and experience. You’ll get the job because you’re likeable.



“”Unbelievable! After 15 months and 29 failed interviews, I was out of options. Your advice changed everything! I ended up with multiple offers and a great new job in just 6 weeks.”
“I was VERY VERY down last Monday and Tuesday.  But I dragged myself out of bed and to the meeting Tuesday AM.  As usual, the meeting motivated me, so I pulled out of the funk in time to nail the interview on Wednesday!””
“I got more out of (this event) than I did out of 16 hrs of training with an outplacement firm!”
Vicky E.

About Catherine Byers Breet

Catherine Byers Breet

Catherine Byers Breet

ARBEZ ( and its founder, Catherine Byers Breet, have been faithful sponsors and a driving force behind the Easter groups’ formation and success. Their expertise in the world of career strategy and transition lend an ongoing level of guidance and contribution that ensures the group delivers accurate, relevant and actionable career and job search information. You can meet their pet zebra, and access a number of tools to support you in your journey at Check out their online job hunt coaching system, upcoming live events and consulting services. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to hear about upcoming events around town.