When & Where

  • Easter’s Encore! adult ministry group hosts quarterly packing sessions at FMSC. Check the Encore page for schedule updates
  • We also encourage you to volunteer at FMSC on your own or with other groups you are a part of
  • FMSC is located at 990 Lone Oak Road, Suite 136, Eagan (map)
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Who & What

Create MannaPack meals to reverse and prevent malnutrition. The meals are donated to organizations in 55+ countries, who use the food at orphanages, schools, clinics, and feeding programs – the building blocks of community development.  At your packing event, you’ll:

  • Create MannaPack meals or help keep ingredients handy or help pack in the warehouse
  • See a presentation with before/after photos and stories of children who have eaten the MannaPack meals
  • Learn how many meals the team packed, and how many children that will feed for how long.
  • Learn more at fmsc.org
FMSC is a great group activity