The 2018 Foundation brochure is available at both sites, or click on the image below to download:

The mission of Easter Lutheran Church is to grow in faith and carry on the work of Jesus Christ. The Easter Lutheran Church Foundation encourages good stewardship and seeks ways to educate and offer opportunity for dialogue about ways to invest in the future of Easter Church.

The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage, receive, administer, and disburse funds in keeping with good stewardship practices, the best interests of the congregation and the Church’s mission and ministry, and the expressed and implied desires of the donor(s).

The Vision Board of Easter Lutheran Church is responsible for the general oversight of the Foundation. The Foundation Committee is responsible for the direct administration and management of the Foundation. Members of the committee include the lead pastor, president, treasurer, and four members of the congregation elected by the congregation.

All gifts to the Foundation are received in prayerful gratitude to God, and to the givers for their indication of love, commitment and loyalty to their Lord, and the work of the church through this congregation.  Gifts received by the congregation must be consistent with the religious and ethical standards of the congregation, and must be seen to have the economic potential for achieving their designated purposes. To these principles, donor restricted gifts will be administered in accord with the donor’s written wishes and unrestricted gifts at the discretion of the Committee in consultation with the church council, consistent with the policies and practices of the congregation. (It is preferred that gifts be unrestrictive in character, for that allows distributions to be made where the most need arises at the time.)