Beatitudes Sermon Series

The Beatitudes.  Upon reading these blessings, we mentally work hard to identify ourselves as poor or meek or as peacemakers.  So hard, in fact, that we forget to hear Jesus’s actual message: the message of God’s exhilarating love. God’s love in these Beatitudes challenges cultural norms and social rules, it breaks open the darkness and gives hope to the scorned. This summer at Easter, do not assume that you are being blessed as a poor, meek, peacemaker.  Rather, know that you are being called to BE a loving blessing to all people you meet. 

Weekly Audio

Blessed Hill Audio Lake Audio
Poor Hill Audio Lake Audio
Mourn N/A Lake Audio
Meek Hill Audio Lake Audio
Hungry Hill Audio Lake Audio
Merciful Hill Audio Lake Audio
Pure Hill Audio Lake Audio
Peacemaker Hill Audio Lake Audio
Persecuted Hill Audio* Lake Audio
*This sermon is Pastor Kevin Olson’s final sermon at Easter Lutheran, and does not follow the sermon series but instead is memories of 14 years of ministry at Easter.