After eight years of leading the Financial Peace classes (with ten classes and over 200 students), Bill and Joy Korte are turning over the handbook to the next coordinators. Joy says that it is very rewarding when an attendee says, “This has changed our life!” Please join us in giving Bill and Joy a big THANK YOU for their dedication and efforts in helping so many people learn to improve their financial situation.

With their retirement, Easter is in need of new Financial Peace University Coordinators!

The coordinator(s) will have a specific curriculum to follow, teaching participants how to take control of their money, and ultimately change their lives. They will meet with the group once a week for 90 minutes for 9 weeks, watch the Financial Peace video, and lead small group discussion time where activities are studied and personal challenges are discussed. The Korte’s are willing to coach the new coordinators as well, to help make for a smooth transition.

If interested, contact Darci Dawson at or 651-452-3680.

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