When and Where

  • Tuesdays, June 25, July 9, and July 23, 7-8 p.m.
  • Easter on the Hill, 4200 Pilot Knob Road, Eagan (map)
  • SESSION 1 (June 25): “Will Our Children Have Faith?” We’ll discuss cultural statistics of what children believe about God and the influence of being authentic, available, and affirming in the lives of young people.
    SESSION 2 (July 9): “Four Keys for Vibrant Faith” We’ll look at how families pass on faith and values, and talk about the four key ways for nurturing faith (Caring conversation, devotions, traditions, and service).
    SESSION 3 (July 23): “Your Home Is Church, Too!” We’ll equip parents and grandparents to be ministers in their own home, and give the five principles for youth and family ministry.

What to Expect

  • Passing on Faith is a three-part series geared towards grandparents and parents led by Pastor Brandon.
  • Ever wondered how you can help pass on your Christian faith to your child or grandchild, or help nature the Christian faith in others? This series is for you!
  • You’re also invited to participate in a Life Group following this series. Life Groups are small groups of people who regularly gather, learn, and serve together. Specifically, we’d like to create a group for grandparents who want to continue the conversation and provide support in their role of caring for grandchildren. Interested in more information about Life Groups, or unable to attend the series and still want to be part of a small group? Contact Amy Vigesaa, Director of Adult Ministry at amy@easter.org, 651-452-3680, or let an Easter staff person know.