How many members of our faith community does it take to bring God’s mission to life for the sake of the world? Every one of us! Thank you for your on-going financial support and involvement. Because of your generosity our buildings have been able to serve as places to feed the hungry, house the homeless through a brutal winter, and engage people of all ages. Classrooms and worship spaces have been filled with youth and adults worshiping, learning, and serving together. We are a community of faith living out our mission to grow in faith and carrying on the work of Jesus Christ.

We have kicked off a special appeal called A New Day Dawning. It does not replace, but runs in tandem with our ongoing 2019 general appeal. The appeal will address some badly needed repairs and improvements that have been put off for a very long time at both the Hill and the Lake. As we follow Jesus toward the light of a new day, and with a new Lead Pastor who will join us soon, we need our buildings to be in shape to continue to provide space for worship, education, and our community partnerships. The projected cost of these repairs and improvements is $350,000. Easter also needs to renew our financial resources to address projected budget shortfalls in revenue. For Easter’s 2019 and 2020 budgets, the combined projected shortfall is $400,000. By closing this gap in our budget, we will be better equipped to respond to new opportunities for ministry and mission in this new day dawning.

It will take each of us and all of us together to reach this goal of $750,000. God is calling us into the new day dawning for this incredible faith community. We need every one of us to help put flesh and blood to what God is calling us to be and do. You will hear more details about this appeal in the coming weeks.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Even more thanks be to God for you!
Pastor Lamont Koerner