Jesus calls us into a relationship and wants us to do the same with one another. Using the book of Matthew as our road map, we will spend the month of February examining the real-life implications of how we treat other people. Just as God understands our hurt, empathizes with us, enters into a transformational relationship with us, God calls us to respond to our neighbors with Christlike love and compassion.

Together, we will plant seeds, tend our soil, and begin cultivating compassion in our lives and community.

Outreach via Serving

  • Hospitality with Heart: Provide Meals for the Dakota County Winter Shelter
    Sunday, February 10 – Saturday, February 16
    Easter needs people to help prepare or serve meals for guests at the shelter. You can help by providing a main dish, side dish, dessert, or utensils. Serve our homeless neighbors in need. Sign up now
  • THANK YOU to everyone who donated items and/or took part in the Poverty Simulation / Community Service event on Wednesday, February 6. Over 200 people took part. Photos will be available soon (check Easter’s Facebook page)

Outreach via Growth

  • Cultivating Compassion Reflection Booklet
    Carve out quiet time and space for contemplation and reflection with the 4-part “Cultivating Compassion.” You can participate individually or as part of a group. Download here
  • JustFaith – Living Compassionately
    Enter the stories of those who grapple with poverty during this eight-week small group study. Participants will look inward and locate the spaces in our lives where fresh approaches and a new fruitfulness can blossom. This program invites us on a journey of faith, one that places the Christian vision at the center of our concerns. We will pray together, take on spiritual practices, and delve into the deep biblical traditions of our faith to nourish ourselves for the journey.
  • Mid-Week Facebook Messages
    Each week, Easter will share videos featuring inspiring ways Easter people are living their faith in action and sharing God’s love with our neighbors. Share the posts with your friends!
  • Podcasts
    During February, tune in for inspiring stories that cultivate compassion. Check it out on the Easter Lutheran Church app or find them here.
  • Cultivating Compassion Art Exhibit
    On display through February, Easter on the Hill. God has always been in the business of sending us out into the community and world to reach the un-reached, build relationships, and love our neighbors. Check out the art exhibit on display at Easter on the Hill to see the ways you can get involved in Outreach at Easter


Community Meals

Homework Help

Week 4 Video