What to Expect

  • We’ll be adding BeFriender Ministry to our growing Care Ministries.
  • Can you live out the four foundation principles of: God is present, caring not curing, nonjudgmental presence, and active listening? Then be a BeFriender at Easter Lutheran Church!
  • BeFrienders provide pastoral care through a listening presence for people in all kinds of situations. They are trained volunteers who will extend the care of Easter Lutheran Church.
  • BeFriender Ministry is not a ministry of “doing,” but of “being,” – being present and listening quietly.

Basic Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If my family member has a BeFriender, does that mean I am not meeting his or her needs?
    Not at all. A BeFriender cannot take the place of family or friends in someone’s life. For many, though, a BeFriender is a supportive visitor beyond the family.
  • How often will a BeFriender visit?
    The frequency is determined by the person visited and the BeFriender. A visit typically takes place every week or two and lasts about an hour.
  • What if I cannot think of anything to say?
    The BeFriender does not come to you to gain information. Rather, he or she will listen and respond, trying to support you at this time in your life, without giving advice or making judgments. And BeFrienders are comfortable with silence.

What is the Difference Between Easter’s Care Team Ministry and BeFrienders?