Download the 2018 Advent & Christmastide Devotional

Daily Advent Devotions

We hope that you will enjoy the daily Advent Devotional readings and songs offered below. In addition, the Easter pastors and musicians offer daily videos that will be available on Facebook. Please LIKE Easter on Facebook to see these additional videos.
Download the 2018 Advent & Christmastide Devotional

Christianity is a verb.
I know it looks like a noun.
But trust me, it is an action word.

This year the weekly themes are:

  • Week One: Hope – Waiting with Hope
  • Week Two: Peace – Listening for Peace
  • Week Three: Joy – Beckoning Joy
  • Week Four: Love – Wandering in Love
  • Weeks Five-Six: Christmastide and Day 1 of Epiphany

Each day features a scripture, song, reflection, action and prayer. The scripture and song are the basis of the reflection and action that follow. Each devotion ends with a prayer. Not all reflections will resonate nor will all actions be something every person will choose to do. Take what works and enjoy the moments of fellowship with your family. The true goal is to open our hearts to listen for God and prepare ourselves for the arrival of Jesus. What is certain is if you wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of Advent you will arrive at Christmas day a changed person.

This Advent we will be using a Tree of Seeing to map your Advent journey. Some of you are crafty. Others, not so much. This doesn’t require any crafting skill but if you have that you can use it.

Advent With Easter

    Week One: Waiting with Hope

    Week Two: Listening for Peace

    Week Three: Beckoning Joy

    Week Four: Wandering in Love