When and Where

  • We are looking for volunteers to help discreetly distribute bags of food to children in need at Oak Ridge Elementary and Black Hawk Middle School
  • Volunteers must be willing to work behind the scenes with teachers and staff to confidentially distribute food to classrooms and lockers.
  • Thursday afternoons or Friday mornings; times TBA
  • Snack Option: come in once a week to stock a refrigerator with healthy snacks; lots of flexibility
    Contact Rhonda Doran at rdoran@easter.org if interested

What to Expect

  • The Sheridan Story will deliver bins filled with pre-bagged groceries to Oak Ridge Elementary and Black Hawk Middle School each week
  • Easter volunteers will go to Oak Ridge or Black Hawk to distribute the bags to classrooms
  • Oak Ridge and Black Hawk teachers will then place the bags in student backpacks
  • The food travels home with the student at the end of the day to help sustain the family through the weekend
  • Students are coming to school hungry and unable to concentrate
  • Part of a ISD-196-wide call to expand community partnerships that provide food for students in need
  • Easter will work with The Sheridan Story, a local non-profit, to provide take-home groceries to Oak Ridge students each weekend throughout the school year
Sheridan Story