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What is Justice & Advocacy?
The Justice & Advocacy Group is interested in ways to alleviate poverty and hunger, both locally and globally.

The Justice and Advocacy Committee wants to explore ways to make Easter members more effective and smarter in their advocacy efforts (also in letter writing to Congressional representatives).

This would involve identifying and addressing complex issues related to poverty and hunger. It would also provide opportunities for discussion and learning; and actively encourage the offering of time and resources (e.g. letter writing) to relieve conditions of poverty and hunger.

This group also works with Bread for the World (BFW), a faith-based advocacy group that lobbies for global eradication of hunger and poverty. As a partner in our advocacy efforts, we rely on BFW for information about communications that we can make individually to our Congressional Representatives.

Justice & Advocacy Wiki

Issues of importance will be posted on the group’s Wiki for those who wish to follow-up with a contact to their personal legislative representatives.

The Wiki also contains more immediate information, to help keep people up-to-date on the group’s work.

Want to become involved?
Participation is welcome at whatever level you wish!  For more information, contact Sara Galligan, Chair of the Justice & Advocacy Committee, at sariegalligan@gmail.com or 651-454-0916.