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Job Transitions Group

Job Transitions Group

How to find us:
Meetings are held at the Easter by the Lake location, in the southeast corner of the intersection of Pilot Knob and Cliff in Eagan. There is ample parking.

Map and Directions (be sure to note the Easter by the Lake location; there are two church buildings 1 mile apart).

We are also looking for some volunteers to help coordinate and facilitate our weekly meetings.  Learn more about the tasks we’d like help with!

“I got more out of (this event) than I did out of 16 hrs of training with an outplacement firm!” – Vicky E.

Testimonial Video: From Steve Ziemke   (more testimonial videos available)

Upcoming Meetings:

April 15: “Getting Rid of the Junk, Making Room for the Fabulous,” presented by Roxanne Meshar, Ph. D. What keeps you from enjoying the fabulous life God has envisioned for you? Our lives are a gift – an absolutely fabulous gift. Living anything less than a fabulous life devalues that gift. Dr. Roxanne Meshar asks, “What does it take to live a fabulous life? Do our lives need to be perfect? Do we need just the right weight, family, house or job?” Roxanne teaches theology at the University of St. Thomas; she made a huge midlife change from corporate leadership to study theology and ethics, and to make a commitment to a simple, love-filled life. She has written several books, teaches yoga, and writes a very enlightening blog. Visit her website at innerpacific.com.

April 22: “The Art and Science of Changing Careers,” presented by Tom Colosimo. Tom will cover the key message you need to develop when interviewing for a career change, how to network successfully when changing careers, why people change careers, how to answer “why do you want to be something different than you were?”, and how to tailor your resume and pitch yourself to the market!

April 29:   ”Faith in the Job Search,” presented by Bruce Maeda.  We all encounter challenging times.  A job loss can be particularly difficult.  Support is needed from many places as we manage the range of emotions and stress of a job loss.  Among the most important needs is to take care of our selves – body, mind and spirit – as we deal with unemployment and a job search.  Bruce not only lost his job, but has also faced other challenges in the past 10 months.  He will share his story and how his faith has been strengthened through his struggles.  He hopes his experiences will provide encouragement for you.

May 6: “How to get the hidden jobs,” presented by Catherine Byers Breet. If you keep hearing “you’ve GOT to network!” you’re probably wondering “with WHOM … And HOW?!”Join us to find out! Catherine Byers Breet has spent the past 15 years hunting for – and getting – jobs. Learn how to turn her secrets to success into your competitive edge. She’ll cover:

-Why and how they’re “hidden”
-Where the jobs are
-Who’s hiring for these hidden jobs
-How to reach them (despite your fear)
-What to say (to grab their interest)
-How to follow up and turn connections into jobs

About Catherine Byers Breet

ARBEZ (www.arbez.com) and its founder, Catherine Byers Breet, have been faithful sponsors and a driving force behind the Easter groups’ formation and success. Their expertise in the world of career strategy and transition lend an ongoing level of guidance and contribution that ensures the group delivers accurate, relevant and actionable career and job search information. You can meet their pet zebra, and access a number of tools to support you in your journey at www.arbez.com. Check out their online job hunt coaching system, upcoming live events and consulting services. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to hear about upcoming events around town.