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Gathering Areas

There are several places at each church for gathering in comfortable fellowship. At the Hill, we have Fireside Commons, with the associated Coffee Commons and new patio. At the Lake, we have the Gathering area.

Fireside Commons – Easter on the Hill
Fellowship, conversation, Bible study, and meetings are encouraged in this space designed to be the “family room” for the church family.

Connected with the Fireside Commons is a renovated Spiritual Resource Library and a Coffee Bar. This space also features artwork by people associated with Easter Church.

Easter Art Displays – Easter on the Hill
Easter on the Hill hosts a rotating art exhibit in the Fireside Commons. There are also artworks on display at Easter by the Lake.

Outdoor Patio Area – Easter on the Hill

The outdoor patio area is available whenever weather cooperates! Enjoy sitting under the shade of the trees!

Gathering Space Fireside – Easter by the Lake
A comfortable space to gather and enjoy. Located on the top floor, near the Welcome Center.