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The Job Transitions Group is open to anyone looking for a job, looking to increase their networking skills, or exploring career choices.  You do not need to be a member of Easter Lutheran, and while we often open with a prayer, this is not a religion-affiliated group.  Bring a friend!

  • 7:15-7:30 a.m. is check-in
  • 7:30-8 a.m. is welcome, prayer, celebration and announcements time
  • 8-9 a.m. is the weekly speaker or breakout sessions
  • 9 a.m. onward people often stay to visit and network

Upcoming Topics

May 30: “Health and Wellness” by Kathryn Clements. Kathryn has had a lifelong passion for helping others get and stay healthy – in mind, body and spirit.  Join her as she shares the tips she gives over-the-road truckers on staying healthy while in a stressful environment.  Who knew job search was like trucking?

June 6: “But what do you really do?” by Catherine Byers Breet. Let’s face it: as a job seeker, getting asked “So, what do you do?” can be tough. The thing is, you’ve got to be ready for it. How you answer that question can make the difference between getting a great job opportunity, or getting rejected. Join us to learn how to turn that question into a golden opportunity – every time.

June 13: “Insights” by Jason Viana. Jason is the Executive Director of The Open Door, an innovative food pantry that offers healthy choices for its clients.  He will talk about his journey to the non-profit world, and share some awesome insights that will help you land your next excellent gig.

June 20: “Networking” by Wendy Blomseth. Wendy has been networking since 1999. As a former small business owner and now an Account Executive with the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, she learned the importance of making connections, giving recommendations, offering referrals and being engaged in social media over the course of an extraordinary career.

June 27: “Dress for Success” by Char Dobbs. Encouraged by helping others feel confident in what they wear no matter their size or shape, Charlene Dobbs founded Char Style and Image Management Consulting, LLC.  She is able to combine her passion for fashion and empowering others, and to help clients look their best and pursue their dreams while conquering the journey of life. A former engineer, Char will share her tips for being at your best, even when you don’t feel like it.



“”Unbelievable! After 15 months and 29 failed interviews, I was out of options. Your advice changed everything! I ended up with multiple offers and a great new job in just 6 weeks.”
“I was VERY VERY down last Monday and Tuesday.  But I dragged myself out of bed and to the meeting Tuesday AM.  As usual, the meeting motivated me, so I pulled out of the funk in time to nail the interview on Wednesday!””
“I got more out of (this event) than I did out of 16 hrs of training with an outplacement firm!”
Vicky E.

About Catherine Byers Breet

Catherine Byers Breet

Catherine Byers Breet

ARBEZ ( and its founder, Catherine Byers Breet, have been faithful sponsors and a driving force behind the Easter groups’ formation and success. Their expertise in the world of career strategy and transition lend an ongoing level of guidance and contribution that ensures the group delivers accurate, relevant and actionable career and job search information. You can meet their pet zebra, and access a number of tools to support you in your journey at Check out their online job hunt coaching system, upcoming live events and consulting services. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to hear about upcoming events around town.