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There is so much hope and love in the world, but hope and love can be difficult to see with unjust events unfolding around us. How do we live in this world? How do we respond? We can do nothing and hope injustice goes away. Or, we can DO SOMETHING. As followers of Jesus Christ and motivated by our faith, we’re led to DO SOMETHING, something that changes lives and brings people together. We have a choice: Do nothing or DO SOMETHING. Easter is choosing to DO SOMETHING.

You can also watch the all-congregation worship service that kicked off Do Something or learn more about the Do Something Appeal

Weekly Audio

Emmaus Road
Our God is a generous God
Psalm 30
Luke 24: 13-35
Hill Audio
Rolf Jacobson
Lake Audio</>
Hans Vigesaa
Stephen’s Witness
Being generous is bold
Acts 6: 1-7:2a, 44-60
Luke 23: 33-34a, 46
Hill Audio
Kristen Capel
Saturday Audio
Karen Castillo (Guatemala)
Ethiopian Eunuch Baptized
Our offerings help tell the story of God’s love
Acts 8: 26-39
Luke 24: 44-47
Hill Audio
Watch video of Choral Service
Lake Audio
Brandon Newton
Council at Jerusalem
Our offerings fuel Easter’s mission
Acts 15: 1-18
Luke 2: 29-32
Hill Audio
Kristen Capel
Lake Audio
Kristen Capel
Living by Faith
Pledging and giving is part of living out our faith
Galatians 1: 13-17; 2: 11-21
Luke 18: 9-14
Hill Audio
Steve Thomason
Lake Audio
Hans Vigesaa
One in Christ
Thank you for your generosity
Galatians 3: 1-9, 23-29
Luke 1: 68-79
Hill Audio Lake Audio
Our generosity is a reflection of the Holy Spirit at work
Acts 2: 1-21
Luke 3: 21-22
Hill Audio Lake Audio

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