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Serving Within

Serving Within Easter
The church is built on the time, talent and gifts of many. Below are many opportunities for you to serve. Please consider your special gifts and skills, the amount of time you want to commit to service and where your true interests and passions are. Additional opportunities are listed within Serving Locally and Serving Globally.

Serving in Worship
Expand participation in quality worship embracing a variety of worship styles. Worship is the primary purpose and function of the church. Learn more about Serving in Worship.

Serving Youth
Invest in youth by providing resources, people, programs, opportunities and places for youth to grow in faith and service. Learn more about Serving Youth.

Serving Through Stewardship
Invite full participation and life-style response to the Gosple of Jesus Christ using the principles of the Five T’s (time, talent, treasure, tissue, trees). Learn more about Serving in Stewardship.

Serving Community Life
Welcome and support families and individuals, foster belonging, share faith and meet human needs. Learn more about serving in Community Life.

Serving in Administration
Help with the many little details that make everything happen! Learn about serving in Administration.